Activate & Submit the ADA DeIDC Survey via D4W


De-Identified Data Capture (DeIDC) is the system which allows the direct uploading of statistical information from member’s Dental4Windowssql (D4W) systems to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), eliminating the need for members to respond to the annual fees survey using paper forms manually.

  • The paper survey can be inconvenient for members and time consuming for the ADA to process.

  • It requires you to fill out a very detailed questionnaire manually, and then the ADA must data-enter it.

The security and privacy arrangements for DeIDC are identical to those for the paper survey. Names and personally identifying information are immediately stripped from the data on receipt.

  • We collect names only for the purposes of ‘ticking-off’ members who have responded, and these are discarded and not imported into any database.

  • The information we do collect is used only for aggregated statistical processing – ADA Article

Location Setup

A postcode must be entered for each location of the database. 

  1. Go to Location Setup > Location tab

  2. Select the relevant Location if applicable

  3. Enter the Post Code                                                                                                                 


Provider Setup

All providers involved in the ADA survey must be recognised as an ADA Member in D4W.

  1. Go to Location Management > Providers tab

  2. Place a tick in the ADA member box

  3. Repeat for all providers to be included in the survey                                                       


Submit the Survey

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Open Upload ADA DeIDC data file

    1. Submit New sub-tab
    2. Location: Select the location to base the survey on if applicable

    3. Location Type: Select the type of practice 

    4. Customer Ref #: Enter your Centaur Software Customer ID

    5. Providers: Select the Providers to include in the survey. Those marked as an ADA Member in the Providers tab will automatically select.

    6. Click Submit                                                                                                   

      1. Click OK to consent or Cancel to exit             

View Submitted Survey

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Open Upload ADA DeIDC data file

    1. View Submitted sub-tab

      1. Date: The date of the survey

      2. Receipt No: The receipt of the survey submission

      3. Status

        1. Successful: The survey was successfully submitted

        2. Error: See error reasons below

          1. Error Code 100: Timeout error, suggest to retry submission

          2. Error Code 200, 300 and 310: Contact Centaur



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