Create a New Package Promotion


A package promotion is a combination of item numbers which will be discounted per the promotional settings. 

  1. Go to Location Management > Promotions tab

  2. Location: Select the location (or all) if working in a multi-location environment

  3. Operations menu > New Promotion

    1. Promotion Details 

      1. Type: Select the type of promotion from the drop list.

      2. Name: Type in the new promotion name.

      3. No GAP: Place a tick in this field if this promotion is to be used for Insurance Claims only and no payment is required from the Patient.

      4. Capped Amount field: Non-editable field that shows the total amount of all items listed in the promotion.

      5. Active Period: Type in the start date in the From field and the finish date in the To field.

      6. Activated: After a promotion has been used in an invoice it can’t be deleted but marked as inactive by unticking the ‘Activated’ box and the finish date will be changed to the current date.

    2. Promotion Details

      1. Click Add New Items

        1. Select the items to include in the promotion

        2. Click OK

      2. Type: Select from Compulsory and Optional

        1. Compulsory: Item must be included in the treatment/invoice

        2. Optional: Item does not need to be included in the treatment/invoice

      3. Fixed Fee: Enter the fee to be charged per item number (not applicable if No GAP is ticked)

      4. Click OK



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