Clinical Notes Log Audit


All notes in D4W/PSS can be audited. The audit will show the original state and current state of the notes, as well as who created and/or modified the notes.

Users must have their own username and password to correctly enter and track notes. If a password is shared, the notes will sit against that users name, legally. If no security is turned on notes, the audit will show as unknown.

Run the Report

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Open Clinical Notes Log Audit

    1. Date: Select the period to base this report on

    2. Location: Select the location or <Any Location > if applicable

    3. Providers: Select the Provider or <Any Provider> 

    4. Show inactive providers and staff as well: Tick to include inactive Providers

    5. Show records produced by an unknown user: Tick to include records which do not indicate who completed the action due to no security being set

    6. Include log audit for removed items: Tick to include details of items deleted

    7. Include log audit for removed invoices: Tick to include details of reversed invoices

    8. Click OK                                                                                                               


Report Details



The Card Number and Patient Name


The item the notes are attached to


The date the notes were added


The provider of the item the notes are attached to

Created By

The name of the D4W/PSS User that wrote the notes.

If Unknown is shown, there is no security on writing clinical notes and therefore cannot be adequately tracked.

Set Security on Modules/Features/Actions

Set Security Permissions

Updated By

If the original note has been updated, the details will be shown.

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