Managing Upcoming Batches in Automation


Upcoming Automated batches can be viewed before they are set to run. 

The batches can be run prior to the scheduled date/time. A common reason for this would be if the batch is scheduled to run on a public holiday.

  1. Go to Location Management > Automation tab

  2. Batches sub-tab

    1. Select Upcoming Batches

    2. Filter By

      1. Date/Time: The date and time the batch was processed

      2. Name: The category the batch is related to, for example Recalls or All for all categories

      3. Set: The Set the batch is related to, for example Standard Recalls or All for all Sets

      4. Type: The Type the batch is related to, for example 1st recall reminder or All for all Typesmceclip1.png

    3. Upcoming batches will appear on screen
      1. Scheduled Date/Time: Date and time the batch is scheduled to run

      2. Name: Name of the type of batch for example Recalls

      3. Set/Type: Set and Type of the batch
      4. Location: Location of the batch

    4. Process

      1. Click Run Batch Now to process a batch

        1. Click Yes
        2. A dialogue box appears with the status of the batchmceclip10.png

      2. Click Simulate Batch to simulate an upcoming batch without running it

        1. Click Yes
        2. A simulated batch appearsmceclip6.png

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