Export Treatment Done Report


    The Treatment Done Report allows information to be exported to an external text file and can be opened in a spreadsheet (Excel).

Export the Export

  1. In the report preview window, click Export

  2. Select a location to save the file (eg Desktop)

  3. Select HTML from the Save as Type droplist

  4. Enter a filename

  5. Click Save                                                                                                                 


Export Details

The names of the exported fields are not shown, so listed below are each of the fields so they can be matched and added to the spreadsheet manually.

  1. Treatment date

  2. Item

  3. Times

  4. Account ID (if exists; otherwise – EMPTY string)

  5. Fee per item according to the Practice Fees

  6. Fee per item according to appropriate Insurance Plan rebate (if the patient has Insurance Plan; otherwise – ZERO)

  7. Discount as %

  8. Practice Fee Level ID

  9. Insurance Plan Series

  10. Insurance Plan Number

  11. Insurance Company

  12. State code

  13. Patient’s Card No

  14. Surname

  15. First Name

  16. Middle Name

  17. Sex

  18. Address

  19. DOB

  20. Contract Number

  21. Patient category

  22. Provider code

  23. Assistant code

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