Add Custom Message to Invoice or Receipt


Custom messages can be added to individual invoices and receipts when previewing them. 

Commonly used messages can be added to the Fast Notes group Invoices (Accounts).

The following instructions are how to use preset notes (above) or add more when in the patient file. Previewing and Invoice/Receipt can be done from many areas, but more commonly this is done at the time of invoice (F2) or receipt (F3).

  1. Preview the Invoice/Receipt

  2. Click Message

    1. Show Messages for

      1. Provider: preset messages will appear for the selected Provider(s)

      2. Patient: previously used messages will appear for the patient

    2. Provider: Only available if Provider is selected above, choose to view preset notes either for all providers or an individual                                                                                        

    3. Select the message to include, or click Add to create a new one

    4. Click Select to add the selected message to the invoice

    5. Selected message will now appear on invoice or receipt
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