Activate Location Based Fees


Follow these instructions when working in a multi-location environment which wishes to have fees per location, rather than share between all locations.


  • All locations will contain the same fee level names

  • Fee Level period dates will be the same for all locations

  • A user is able to set the default fee level on a per location basis i.e. each location can have a different default fee level

  • When a user activates Use Location Based Fees, the existing default fee levels for existing locations is kept

  • When a user selects Set as default level, the selected fee level will be made default for the location the user is viewing

  • Where a user adds a new fee level it will be made available to all locations

  • Where a user chooses to copy Fees when creating a new fee level all locations will be given the same Location Fees

Activate Location Based Fees

  1. Go to Location Setup > General tab

  2. Group: Accounting: Invoices & Receipts 

    1. Use Location based Fees: Yes                                                                                                 

    2. Select if the fees of the current location should be used at all locations


When the Location Based Fees feature is activated, security is added against the following settings. Ensure the relevant employees are selected to either have, or not have access to them. 

Video: Setup Security

Setup Location Based Fees

Create a New Fee Level

Set Fee Levels per Provider (Provider Based Fees)                                     



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