Create a Batch of Invoices


Treatment performed and entered in the Treatment tab that has not been invoiced can be created as an invoice for all patients in a single batch. This is mostly used for WorkCover claiming, and not a standard practice for creating invoices. 

Items of treatment are entered as per usual in the Treatment tab or transferred from Treatment Plan. Batch Invoices will pick up all unaccounted treatment and create an invoice for each patient.

  1. Go to Debtors and Marketing > Batch Invoices tab

    1. Period: Select the period to show unaccounted treatment

    2. Location: Select the location if applicable

    3. Providers: Select the Provider or All 

    4. Type: Unprocessed

    5. Highlight: All, or manually select/deselect from the list of patients

    6. Sort: Select only to sort this list of patients

    7. Print/Send

      1. Invoice: Select to create a batch invoice for the selected > Click Print

      2. Print List: Select to print a list of those selected > Click Print

    8. View

      1. No Filter: Select to view the list in the default view

      2. Set Filter: Select to set a preferred view


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