Inventory Stock Register


The Inventory Stock Register will show all stock that is input and output in D4W/PSS via the Stock Control module. 

Run the Report

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Open Inventory Stock Register

    1. Date: This refers to the date the item was input/output

    2. MRP: Main Responsible Party; the person who completed the input/output

    3. Include not used Inventory items: Tick to include non-treatment items, e.g. Tissues

    4. Include data of Intra-Group Transfer of Materials: Tick to include transfer of stock from one stock room to another

    5. Show Data

      1. In accounting units: The quantity, e.g. 12 boxes of tissues

      2. In money units: The financial amount, e.g. 12 boxes of tissues at $3.00 each equals $36.00

    6. Show inavtive MRPs as well: Tick to include inactive Main Responsible Parties

    7. Click OK                                                                                                                                        


Report Details


The inventory item.


The code of the inventory item.


The name of the unit for the item of inventory E.g. Gloves, Unit: Box

Open Balance

The amount of units of inventory items at the time transaction.


The number of units (accounting or monetary) that have been input in Stock Control.


The number of units (accounting or monetary) that have been output in Stock Control.

Close Balance

The number of units after input/ output (accounting or monetary).

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