Setup Manual Appointment Reminder SMS/E-mail Template


With the setting to use templates for Appointment Reminders, setup the SMS and E-mail template per the below instructions. 

  1. Go to Debtors & Marketing > Mail Merge Setup tab

  2. Mail Merge Category: Appointments 

    1. Select Appointment Reminders

    2. Click Type > Enter Type name, e.g. Reminder for All Providers

    3. Click the Edit icon against SMS and E-mail Template  mceclip2.png

      1. Enter the reminder template. Add input fields using the Insert menu

      2. Go to Template menu > Update > Template menu > Exit

    4. Within Use for Providers section

      1. Type is Default: Place a tick if this Type is the default type (optional)

      2. Add: Click the Add icon to select the Providers this type is to be used for

    5. Repeat steps to add more reminder types (if applicable)


Example of multiple Appointment Reminder Types - Individual Providers


Example of one Appointment Reminder Type - All Providers


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