Mediasuite: Properties/Diagnosis


View the properties and diagnosis of a selected image.

  1. Double click on the image  (The object will be present in the screen)

  2. Go to menu > Properties/Diagnoses

  3. In the Process Properties/Diagnoses window, the selected image will be automatically shown

    1. Date Taken: Show the date when the picture was taken

    2. Tick Allow Date Change to allow change the date taken 

    3. Voltage, kV: Kilo volts
    4. Current, mA: Current milliamps
    5. Exposure, ms: How many milliseconds is radiation exposure
    6. DICOM Modality: Will be automatically selected according to device used. Can manually select from menu to change to another DICOM Modality
    7. Media Category: Select from drop down list 

  4. Diagnosis for the picture, if exists, will be shown in field Diagnosis

    1. For example: Select a tooth number or multiple teeth numbers by left mouse click on the tooth number itself, then type in diagnosis notes in the area provided

    2.  If an image has any diagnoses text written against it in the "Diagnoses" field, a label icon will appear in the title of the image when opened in Mediasuite

  5. Click Show History to view/ export any information available for this object

    1. Select the Export formats by marking the radio button

    2. Mark tick box to Open exported file

    3. Click Selection to Clipboard to save to clipboard

    4. Click Export to select files to Save As

    5. Once the report is named, Click Save

  6. Click OK




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