Mediasuite: Print


Print the last opened picture in Mediasuite

  1. Go to Go To menu > Print 
    Note: User should take into consideration that the properties of printed images are not adequate for diagnostics.

  2.  In the Print window, select your page layout option

  3. Page Layout

    1. Templates: Select template from drop down list (default table recommended) 

    2. Columns and Row: Add number of columns and rows (if recommended table is used, print using 1x1 - forces 1 study per page)

  4. Page Margins in mm

    1. Top, Left, Right and Bottom: Add the margins to centre the image on the print out 

    2. Set Minimal Margins: Tick to set minimal margins 

  5. Printer

    1. Print Setup: Select printer

  6. Orientation: Select the orientation of the printout 

  7. Print Range: Add which pages and the number of the pages to be printed

  8. Data

    1. Page Header: Tick which data to show on the print out

    2. Patient Details: Untick to remove Patient details from the Study print out 

    3. Provider Details: Untick to remove Provider details from the Study print out

    4. Title: Add title to the print out 

  9. Image Details: Untick to remove Image details from the Study print out  

  10. Diagnoses: Untick remove diagnoses from the Study print out 

  11. Page Footer: Tick box to print page number

  12. Logo

    1. Show: Tick to show logo on the Study print out

    2. Change Position: To move and/or resize the logo

    3. Click Load to upload the logo

  13. Auto fill all: To fill the images automatically  

    1. Click Print


Mediasuite: Print Studies Only

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