Setup Security SuperGroups


SuperGroup security provides the ability to control which reports and banking information is accessed by each staff member.

The practice owner may want to view all employees’ financial reports, but not allow those employees access to each other’s or his/her own financial information.

Before SuperGroups can be used, contact Centaur Support. so they can assign a SuperGroup Manager.

  1. Go to Location Setup > Security tab 

  2. SuperGroups sub-tab

    1. Record menu > New Record

      1. Enter New SuperGroup Name

      2. Click OK

    2. Select the SuperGroup

      1. Tick the Employees to include in the group

      2. Tick the permissions for each employee

        1. Show All Data:

          • Tick: the person can view all Providers Reports and Banking regardless of which group they belong to

          • No Tick: the person can only view his/her own reports

        2. Manager of SuperGroups: With a tick, this person can access the SuperGroups sub-tab to setup and make changes

      3. Tick the Bank Accounts to include in this group

      4. Tick the Business Entities to include in this group

    3. Repeat for all other groups to be setup


Example of a Group with Access to All Data, e.g. Practice Manager and Owner

Example of Providers Setup to View Their Own Reports Only

Use the filter to search for a specific group



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