Setup Operations to Chart Items


All chartable items must have an operation set to allow its use in the Charting tabs. If an item is not yet setup for Charting, click here


  1. Go to Location Setup > Operations tab

  2. To add to an existing Category (e.g. Restorative), select it and click Group

    1. Group: Enter the group name, e.g. Temporary Fillings 

    2. Selection Style: Popup Menu

  3. Click Operation

    1. Name: Enter the name of the Operation, e.g. Temp Fillings

    2. Code: Enter a code, e.g. T

    3. Toolbar Icon: Select if an icon is needed, otherwise it will be selected from a menu in Charting

    4. Type

      1. Single Item from List: Select if only one item is to be used at a time

      2. Composition of Items: Select if a group of items it to be used at once

  4. List of Items

    1. Click Add New

      1. Select the relevant item(s)

      2. Click OK

  5. Application

    1. To each selected tooth separately: Select if the item should be applied once for each tooth/surface it is entered on, e.g. Fillings

    2. To selected teeth as a whole: Select if the item should be applied once for all teeth/surfaces selected, e.g. Dentures 


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