Setup Sterilisation Module


Once the Sterilisation module has been activated by Centaur, it is recommended the following preferences and setup is completed to ensure the onboarding of the module is effective. 

D4W can work with autoclaves that generate their own labels (e.g. Lisa), but are not recommend as they do not generate unique labels for each pack. D4W/PSS can generate labels that are just as cost effective.

The recommended label is Avery J8651 Inkjet or L7651EV, dimensions are: 38.1mm x 21.2mm, 65 labels per sheet.


  1. Add an Autoclave to Sterilisation

  2. Add Sterilisation Pack Contents Templates

  3. Set and Item Number to Record Sterilisation Packs on a Patient

  4. Set the Scanner for Sterilisation Module

  5. Set Barcode Preferences - Unique Numbers and Overwrite Codes

  6. Video: Sterilisation Tracking


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