Enter an Autoclave Cycle


Each cycle - successful and/or failed - must be entered into the Sterilisation module for accurate record keeping. 

  1. Go to Location Management > Sterilisation tab

  2. Select the autoclave to add the cycle against from the Autoclave list

  3. Autoclave Cycles

    1. Click Add

      1. Date/Time: Ensure the correct date and time is entered

      2. Cycle ID: Enter the ID produced by the autoclave

      3. Staff: Select the staff member entering the cycle

      4. Tested: Select if the cycle had been tested, e.g. a test vial

      5. Passed: Select if the cycle passed the test

      6. Notes: Add any special notes about the cycle

      7. Scan Barcodes

        1. Click Scan

        2. Scan the relevant barcodes on the packs

        3. Contents: Select the pack contents

        4. Click OK


Edit an Autoclave Cycle

Delete an Autoclave Cycle

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