Create an Insurance Claim Payment Bank Slip


Bank slips should be created on a regular basis in order to finalise payments in D4W/PSS by restricting users from deleting/reversing a confirmed payment. 

Commonly, a separate bank account is setup in D4W/PSS, even if the money is deposited to the same account as EFTPOS. This helps separate the payments for simpler reconciliation. See Add New Bank Account and Setup Bank Redirections if not already set in the database. 

  1. Go to Location Management > Bank Slips tab

  2. Selected Bank Account to View: Select the account for Insurance Fund Payments

  3. Bank Slip menu > New EFTPOS

    1. Location: Ensure the correct location is selected (if applicable)

    2. On Hold: Only place a payment on hold to exclude it from the bank slip

    3. Click Create / Print

  4. The slip will be found in Deposit Slip ID to view when viewing the correct Bank Account

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