Add Surcharge to Payment Methods


A surcharge can be added to specific payment methods to cover the cost of using the selected payment method, e.g. American Express and Diners Club.

During the Payment process if a payment method with a surcharge associated is selected, the system will ask if the surcharge percentage is to be included.

Setup Surcharge Item

This item will appear in Treatment details automatically if a patient chooses to pay via a method that incurs a fee.

  1. Go to Location Setup > Items tab

  2. Open the Category and Sub-Category to add the item (eg Miscellaneous)

  3. Click Procedure

  4. Enter the Item Code (eg CCS)

  5. Enter the Item Description (eg Credit Card Surcharge)

  6. Under the Financial Details tab place a tick in Use for Surcharge

    1. Select provider from Specific Provider if Credit Card Surcharge item is only to be entered by non-treating provider e.g. Principal dentist or a mock dentist created to track noncommission paying items                                           
  7. Under the Other Details tab place a tick in Non-Treatment

Setup Surcharge Fee

  1. Go to Location Setup > System Tables tab

  2. System Table: Methods of Payment

  3. Find or add the payment type that requires the surcharge (eg Amex)

  4. Select the item created above from the Surcharge Item drop list

  5. Enter the surcharge percentage (eg 5.00)

Entering Payments with a Surcharge


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