Treatment Plan Status Report


A report detailing the current status of Treatment Plans. 

Run the Report

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Open Treatment Plan Status report

    1. Date: Select the date range to base this report on

    2. Location: Select the location or <All Locations> if applicable

    3. Plan Status: Tick which to include in the report

      1. None: Includes plans with no status

      2. Presented: Includes plans marked as presented

      3. Accepted: Includes plans marked as accepted

      4. Rejected: Includes plans marked as rejected

      5. Complete: Includes plans marked as completed

    4. Plans to Show: Select which plans to include

      1. Show all Plans: Active and Inactive will be included

      2. Show only Active Plans

      3. Show only Inactive Plans

    5. Show Details: Tick to show full details for each plan

    6. Grouping: Select how to group the plans

      1. Group by Provider

      2. Group by Plan Status

    7. Providers: Select the Provider(s) to include in the report

    8. Show inactive Providers as well: Tick to include inactive Providers

    9. Click OK


Report Details

Created Date

The date the treatment plan was created.

Last Updated Date

The last time the treatment plan was edited.


The Provider assigned to the treatment plan.


The patient associated with the treatment plan.

Plan Value

The total value of the treatment plan.

Outstanding Value

The total amount of incomplete items. 

Percentage Completed

The percentage of the treatment plan that is completed.

Active Plan

Y: Treatment plan is marked as active

N: Treatment plan is marked as inactive

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