Setting up Medicare Bulk Bill Integrated Report


Centaur Support will complete the activation of the Bulk Bill Integrated Report, however the following must be completed by the Practice prior. 

  1. Ensure D4W/PSS is on build 2610 or higher

    1. Go to Help menu > About

  2. Register for Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS)

  3. Request the following from Medicare

    1. Minor/Location ID

    2. CD containing

      1. PKI Certificate Manager Installer

      2. Site Certificates

  4. When the CD is received, complete the below, contact Support if assistance is needed

    1. Install PKI Certificate Manager

    2. Install PKI Store

    3. Install Location Certificate


Once the above has been sorted, Contact Centaur Support to complete the setup in D4W/PSS. 

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