Setup Automated Birthday Messages to Patients


D4W/PSS can be set to automatically send a Birthday message to patients. 

  1. Go to Location Management > Automation tab

  2. Queries sub-tab

    1. Select General from the Birthdays section

    2. Set/Type sub-tab

      1. Location: Select the location(s) to apply this automated task to

      2. Provider: Select the Providers whose patients should receive this message

      3. Exclude the following Patient Categories: Select Patient Categories to be excluded 

      4. Exclude patients not seen in: Use this to only send to active patients (18mths), for example

      5. Exclude patients with appointments within: Recommend to leave this at 0 days

      6. Exclude those with BAD DEBT: Recommend to tick to not include such patients

      7. Exclude if a family member: Tick to not send this message to anyone that is a family member, therefore only family heads will receive on their own Birthday

      8. Type Name: The name of the automation task/type

      9. Duty of Care: Tick to overwrite any unsubscribe / do not contact preferences of the patient

    3. Reminders sub-tab

      1. Send communication to family head: Tick to send messages to the head of the family instead of individual patients

      2. Order the communication methods

        The image below shows an example of sending via SMS and e-mail.

        If the patient has their appointment reminder preference set as both SMS and e-mail, whichever is numbered 1 in Reminders will be sent to the patient. 

      3. Setup the template using the edit icon  mceclip1.png

    4. Schedule sub-tab

      The following instructions are based on sending the reminder the day of the patients Birthday

      1. Set the frequency of the reminder: Daily, Repeat every 1 days

      2. Set the start date and run time

      3. Include patients who have Birthdays: Today

      4. To check settings, click the check upcoming run dates button

      5. Exclude sending Notifications for this batch: Tick if setup to receive an eChat message when a batch runs, but for this batch, don't send one 

      6. Enable the schedule by placing a tick in the checkbox

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