Link Books to eAppointments


Appointment Books must be syncronised with eAppointments to allow patients to schedule online. 

  1. Go to Appointment Book > Options menu

    1. Setup eAppointments 

      1. Select Books to Sync                                                                               

        1. Select Book to modify
        2. Select Modify
        3. Sync with eAppointments: Tick the books to display online

        4. Online Name: Enter the name of the book that patients will see

        5. Duration: Select the duration of the appointments to be displayed in eAppointments. The time displayed in eAppointments can be different than the time slots in D4W/PSS. The duration that is selected for each book will determine the appointment duration presented to the patient online. This duration should be tailored to the type of appointments to be made via eAppointments. If it is primarily for recall bookings, set the duration to match the average recall appointment.

        6. Click Update
        7. Click Exit
      2. Click Force Sync

      3. Click Exit


Set Automated Synchronisation between D4W/PSS and eAppointments

Understanding eAppointment Synchronisation Settings

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