Set Automated Synchronisation between D4W/PSS and eAppointments


Once Appointment Books have been synced/linked to eAppointments, it is important to set the automatic synchronisation of data between eAppointments and D4W/PSS. 

  1. Go to Appointment Book > Options menu

    1. Setup eAppointments 

      1. Sync the next # days: Enter the number of days ahead to sync D4W/PSS with eAppointments. Up to 99 days in advance is possible. This means a patient will have the next 1- 99 days (1 = today) available in eAppointments to make a booking.

      2.  With updates every # minutes: Select the number of minutes the sync should automatically run. eAppointments and D4W/PSS can sync every 1-120 minutes. The sync runs from now onwards, which  means earlier information will not be updated. Any appointments that were made in the past will be brought into D4W/PSS and marked as an appointment conflict.

      3. Enable Sync: Click this when ready to enforce the automated settings above

      4. Click Exit
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