View Automated Report Run History


Each scheduled report can show a history of results (up to 10 results per report) which details the date/time, report format, whether it was printed, E-mailed or saved as well as the run result.

Run the Report

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Operations menu > Schedule Reports

    1. Select the relevant report > Click View History               


Report Details


The following results can show in the Run Result column


Report was successfully run.

No Results

Report has no records.

Output Unavailable

  1. Excel or PDF not available.

  2. Permissions do not let report be saved to path.

  3. There is not enough disk space to save the report.

Connection Error

No internet, unable to connect to SMTP.

Printer Unavailable

  1. Printer Offline

  2. Printer does not exist

Client Unavailable

D4W/PSS Client was not active when report was scheduled to run.

Client in Use

Client would have conflicted with report.

Path Unavailable

Selected output path does not exist.

Report Inactive

Report no longer active.


Schedule the Automated Running of Reports

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Set E-mail Notification when Automated Run is Run

Manually Run an Automated Report

View Saved Automated Reports

Delete a Scheduled Automated Report

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