Working with Team Books


All settings of a Team Book are the same as the Standard Appointment Book, however when scheduling appointments time is allocated to a Provider / Nurse / Hygienist / Other. Additionally, when allocating time in the Treatment Plan symbols will be used instead of minutes.

Appointment Creation

When scheduling an appointment, set the time be selecting who will be working on the patient. 



Appointment Book View

Every 10 minutes will have a symbol to represent who is working on the patient at that time. 


mceclip2.png Provider

mceclip3.png Nurse

mceclip4.png Hygienist

mceclip5.png Other


Provider Time

The Time columns on either side of the screen will change colour based on what is happening with the Provider. 


mceclip7.png Provider booked with a Patient

mceclip8.png Provider is not booked with a Patient

mceclip9.png Provider is double booked with Patients


Treatment Plan Time

When working with Team Books, the way visit time is entered on a Treatment Plan is different to Standard Appointment Book. Instead of entering an amount of minutes into the Min column, the Time column should be used and the Team Action Symbols should be entered to indicate the length of appointment.

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