Automatically Run dental4windows (Scheduled Reports)


Scheduled Reports can be set to run when the surgery is not open. For example, outside business hours or Sundays.

If security is turned on to ‘Start/Access to D4W’, you will need to allow the ‘Report Scheduler’ access to open D4W. Within the Schedule Reports window, you can select the user to open D4W.

The database engine must be running for this feature to work.

  1. Go to Location Setup > General tab

  2. Group: Paths & Links

    1. Automatically run dental4windows (Scheduled Reports)mceclip0.png

      1. Enable = D4W will automatically launch on the server at the scheduled time of the report and will close when the report has been run.

  3.  Go to Location Management > Reports tab 

  4. Operations menu > Schedule Reports

    1. Select the 'User' from the drop list                                       mceclip1.png

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