Treatment Plan Analysis Report


The purpose of this report is to help analyse the ites in the Treatment Plan tab. The report is used to summarise the number of New, Completed, and Incomplete Treatment Plans in a period.


Plan Type: New

For a treatment plan to be counted as New, the date/time stamp must be within the period of the report.


Plan Type: Completed

For a treatment plan to be counted as Completed, all items must be transferred to the Treatment tab. The Done date on the Treatment plan of the last transferred item number will be within the period of the report. 


Plan Type: Incomplete

For a treatment plan to be counted as Incomplete, item numbers must be outstanding on the Treatment tab. Incomplete plans are not date specific; the report will look for ANY incomplete plan.


Active/Inactive Plans

It is important to use the Active Treatment Plan feature to ensure plans are correctly categorised for reporting.

Make Treatment Plan Inactive (rejected)


Run the Report

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Group: Business Intelligence Module

    1. Date: Select the period to base this report on

    2. Location: Select the Location to base this report on, if applicable

    3. Plan Types

      1. New: Tick to view treatment plans created in this period

      2. Completed: Tick to view treatment plans completed in this period

      3. Incomplete: Tick to view incomplete treatment plans for ALL dates

    4. Plan Status

      1. Active: Tick to include active plans on the report

      2. Inactive: Tick to include plans marked as inactive 

    5. Show Details: Tick to see patient details in place of totals

    6. Incomplete plans older than #...: Enter the number of months a plan should be considered inactive; at least one item must be completed from a plan for this to work

    7. Providers: Select the Provider(s) to include in the report

    8. Show inactive provider as well: Tick to include inactive Providers

    9. Click OK                                                                                                                    


Report Details

The report will show details of the selected report parameters, including the number of plans per type and the financial value of them. 

Totals Only View

Detailed View


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