Setup to use Key Performance Indicators - Summary Report


The following features are required for the Key Performance Indicators Report - Summary to calculate correctly.

Appointment Status Types





For this report to calculate some KPI's, Failed to Attend, Unable to Attend and Arrived/Checked In/Out data must be recorded. Ensure each are setup. 

Setup Failure to Attend (FTA)

Setup Unable to Attends (UTA)

Link Marking Patient as Arrived to a Status

Use the Arrived, Checked-in and Checked-Out Feature



For the report to calculate exactly how long each visit was, and when the appointments ran longer than planned time, this feature must be used. 

Mark an Appointment as Arrived, Checked In or Out

Link Providers to their Appointment Books



For the report to know which book belongs to which Provider, it must be set against the Providers file.

Link Appointment Book to a Provider

Schedule of Providers



If Providers share an appointment book, the Schedule of Providers must be used. 

Use Schedule of Providers for Shared Appointment Books

Breaks and Preset Slots Work Time









When adding a Break or creating a new Preset Slot, the Work Time must be selected correctly, for example Staff Meeting = Yes, Leaving Early = No                                                                                         

Non-Treatment and Non-Reporting Items





Not all item numbers are treatment and therefore should be setup so when they are used on a patient the report doesn’t think the patient has been seen on that day. For example, a new patient fails to attend and an the FTA item is added to their treatment. If the FTA item is not marked as non-treatment, the report will calculate them as a new patient.

Mark Item as Non-Treatment

Mark Items as Non-Reporting

Key Items List












A group of items can be selected to include on the report and will calculate how many times they have been performed on the past 100 patients. 

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Operations menu > KPI Summary Report - Key Items List

    1. Highlight items to include in the report

    2. Click OK                                                                                                    

Report and Graph Settings















The report can be viewed as both a report (figure) and graph, and the indicators to include can be preset. 

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Group: Business Intelligence Module

  3. Open Key Performance Indicators Report - Summary

    1. Report Settings: Select the indicators to view in report format

    2. Graph Settings: Select the indicators to view in graph format                                                   



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