Manage eAppointment Appointment Conflicts


When an eAppointment is scheduled, but the appointment could not be confirmed, it will be marked as an Appointment Conflict. The appointment will be rejected and the patient will receive a notification that the booking was unsuccessful. 

Within the Appointment Book, when the conflict icon mceclip0.png appears, the user must check the list and resolve the conflict. It is recommended the practice contacts the patient to schedule another date and time.

Conflict Reasons

  • An appointment has been created in D4W/PSS at the same time that an appointment from eAppointments has been booked. This will occur if there is any overlap of appointments.

  • A break/preset slot has been entered in D4W/PSS and there is an overlap with an appointment created online.

  • A day in the appointment book is locked and the retry limit has been reached.

  • The appointment start time is less than the current time (E.g. Historical appointment)


Resolving Appointment Conflicts

  1. Go to Appointment Book > Options menu

  2. View eAppointments

    1. Appointment Conflicts sub-tab

    2. Print List: Select to print the current list of conflicts; the user must enter a date range to base the report on

    3. Clear List: Select to clear the current list of conflicts

    4. Processed: Select to indicate the patient has been contacted

    5. Click Exit when all conflicts have been resolved

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