Nothing happens when clicking on the Mediasuite link


This problem usually happens when the Mediasuite database isn't running or the D4W application was started before the Mediasuite database.

How to Fix

  1. Ensure the link is setup as Mediasuite by hovering over it to see that it says "Centaur Media Suite"(Be aware the colour of the tooth icon may vary).       
    If it does not say this, please call Centaur Support to have it setup as Mediasuite. If it does, proceed to step 2.                                                                             

  2. Next try closing and re-opening D4W. If an error appears saying Unable to connect to Centaur Media Suite database engine

    Proceed to step 3. If not, the Mediasuite link should now work.

  3. Go to the server computer where the database is located and follow the DBLocate guide to check whether the database is running or not.

  4. If the CMSImg does not appear, follow this guide to start the database. (Insert link to starting Mediasuite DB article)

  5. If the CMSImg does appear, make sure the PC can connect to the server computer. You may need your IT Technician to test this. If they can connect, you can call Centaur Support. 


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