Send End of Year Health Fund Campaign via D4W Marketing


Towards the end of each year, an SMS or Printed matter can be sent to patients with Private Health Insurance who have not had Scale and Clean items this calendar year. The following instructions are for those using D4W Marketing only.

Patients will only receive communication based on their Send To preferences, if sending via e-mail and they do not have this selected, they will not receive it. It is advised to use multiple communication channels where possible.

Create the EOY Health Fund Query Template

As EOY Health Fund Reminders can be sent every year, its best to create a User-Defined Query which will save the settings for the next time its to be used. To update an existing User-Defined Query filter, click here

  1. Go to Debtors and Marketing > Queries tab

  2. Queries menu > Create User-Defined Query

    1. Name: Enter the name of the query, e.g. EOY Health Fund Reminder

    2. Click Change Using Simple Query Wizard                                                                

      1. Column: Insurance Level

      2. Operator: Doesn't Equal

      3. Value: Leave blank

      4. Logical: And

      5. Column: Last Exam S+C

      6. Operator: Less Than

      7. Value: Enter the date, e.g the start of this year

      8. Click OK                                                                         

    3. Click Exit                                                                                                                              

    4. Next, create the template(s) to be used for this batch  


Generate Batch

  1. Go to Debtors and Marketing > Queries tab

  2. Type: EOY Health Fund Reminder (User-Defined Query)

  3. Batch Name: Enter the name of the batch, e.g. 2024 Reminder

  4. Provider: Select a Provider or All Providers

  5. Exclude the following categories: Ensure all patient categories to be excluded are selected

  6. Excl. patients not seen in: Enter the number of months to reduce the inclusion of inactive patients, e.g. 36 months

  7. ... and mailed this letter within: Leave blank

  8. ... and have appts over next: It's optional to exclude patients that are already scheduled

  9. Click Retrieve                                                                                                                                        

    1. Click OK                                                                                                                 

  10. Highlight: All Rows, or manually select those to include

  11. Click Create Batch                                                                                                                   

  12. Print/Send

    1. D4W Marketing Users                                                                                                 

      1.  Select Recall Letters > Click Send

      2. Click Send SMS if wishing to send to patients set to receive via SMS

      3. Click Export Patients 

        1. Save the file as CSV to the computer                                         

      4. Select Go To menu > D4W Marketing to open the portal and send the reminder       


Send via D4W Marketing Portal

  1. Go to Product Gallery > Health Fund Campaigns                                 

  2. Click Health Fund Reminders

  3. Click More for the reminder to use                               

  4. See the price per print and click Continue to proceed                                                         

  5. Practice: Select the practice 

  6. Colour: Select the preferred colour for the reminder

  7. Click Refresh Preview to view changes

  8. Click Next                                                                                                              

  9. Click Browse and find the exported file from D4W

  10. Click Next                                                                                                                     

  11. Fields will automatically be mapped for CSV files, click Next                                                         mceclip4.png

  12. Before sending, view the list and Delete anyone who should not be included (optional)

  13. Click Next                                                                                                             

  14. View the Total Price and click Proof

  15. If OK, tick Proof is approved

  16. Click Add to Cart                                                                                                      

  17. Click either Continue Shopping to add more to the Cart, or Checkout to finalise the order         


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