Create an End of Year Health Fund Campaign Query Template


Towards the end of each year, an SMS, E-mail or Letter can be sent to patients with Private Health Insurance who have not had Scale and Clean items this calendar year. The following instructions are for those not using D4W Marketing only. 

Patients will only receive communication based on their Send To preferences, if sending via e-mail and they do not have this selected, they will not receive it. It is advised to use multiple communication channels where possible.

As EOY Health Fund Reminders can be sent every year, its best to create a User-Defined Query which will save the settings for the next time its to be used. To update an existing User-Defined Query filter, click here

  1. Go to Debtors and Marketing > Queries tab

  2. Queries menu > Create User-Defined Query

    1. Name: Enter the name of the query, e.g. EOY Health Fund Reminder

    2. Click Change Using Simple Query Wizard

      1. Column: Insurance Level
      2. Operator: Doesn't Equal

      3. Value: Leave blank

      4. Logical: And

      5. Column: Last Exam S+C

      6. Operator: Less Than

      7. Value: Enter the date, e.g the start of this year

      8. Tick Treat NULL and Blank equivalently (recommended)
      9. Click OK

    3. Click Exit

    4. Next, create the template(s) to be used for this batch 

    5. Then, generate the batch and send

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