D4W/ PS New Features Release - Build 5029


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 5029 and higher.

For instructions on how to upgrade, click here


New and Enhanced Features 


Cancellation List Toolbar Icon

The Cancellation List can be accessed via an icon on the toolbar. 

Set the Default Communication Method to E-mail

The system can automatically select E-mail for Appointment Reminders, Recalls and Queries when an e-mail address entered in the system – Instructions 


Tooltip for Item Descriptions 

When hovering the mouse over the item description in the Appointment Book, Charting, Treatment Plan and Treatment tab the description of the item will pop up. 


Set Public Holidays and Workdays framework enhancement

Practices set up Public Holidays when adding Fee surcharge for services performed on those days however, this feature can also be utilised when using the Automation system where batches will be sent # workdays before a public holiday.  

This enhancement also allows for multi-Location practices to set server workdays if the server is in a different state from the practice location. 


Automation: Managing SMS for one patient with multiple appointments

Patients with multiple appointments in one day within one or across multiple Appointment books can be set up to receive one or multiple SMS - Instructions 


Using SMS Template for Manual Appointment Reminders via Email 

When sending manual appointment reminders via email the system will use the template from Mail Merge Setup.  


Last Exam S&C Query Items

The Queries module is now able to edit the items to triggers when running a query on the patient's last scale and clean by using the Recalls Mail Merge Setup 


General Settings to Lock Treatment Notes History after 24hours

Treatment notes history can be locked after 24 hours - Instructions 


General Settings for the date used in FTA/UTA Treatment Items

Users have the option to choose which date is entered in the Treatment tab when an item is copied/moved to the Cancellation List - Instructions 


Increase Tooth Column Characters 

This feature will be mostly used by our UAE users.
The Tooth column in Treatment Plan and Treatment tab allows for up to 20 characters to be entered. 


SuperGroups Filter

A filter has been added to the SuperGroup feature to allow a quick search of a group - Instructions 


X-Ray link - Conexio by KaVo

A new x-Ray link is available to link to Dental4Windows. For more information on Dental4Windows links click here. 


Jeeve Anayltics - Additional Search Parameters and Columns

For more information on Jeeve Analytics platform click here. 



The United Arab Emirates Only 

eClaim: Claim Submission Report

This new eClaim Submission report will capture data, based on the Transaction Date including all XML elements on each Claim row of the claims.  


eClaims: Custom Claim ID 

The setting to setup the format of eClaim ID has been moved to the General Setting tab - Instructions 


eClaims: Use Teeth Notation in Charting

If users are using USA teeth notation hey are now able to process eClaims - Instructions 


eClaims: Patient Card Number in XML 

The patient's card number is available as the identifier for eClaims  - Instructions 


Outpatient Statistics Report

The new Outpatient Statistics report allows practices to submit outpatient statistics information to DHA/Dubai. 




The following issues have been resolved in the upgrade.

  • Unable to delete new letters in Letters tab

  • Appointment Book: Multi Location - inactive books are displayed unexpectedly

  • Appointment Book: Multiple Book View

  • Automated Appointment Reminders not sending to patients

  • Implant image disappearing from charting on missing tooth

  • MS Word Link and Insert Perio chart

  • Add migration procedure from ASA 16 to ASA 17 into UPM for CMS 4.0

  • D4W API - Tables v2

  • DEPLOY CMScan Web - Automatically launch in upgrade mode

  • Improve MySQL connections usage by SMS Web Services

  • Jeeve Analytics: connection to D4W.DB control / Management

The following issues related to the UAE database have been resolved in the upgrade.

  • eClaims: Member ID with Extra Ending Space

  • Issue with Security actions for UAE eClaims Report


For eService New and Enhancements Features within D4W click here. 

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