Claim Submission Report


This report will capture data based on the Transaction Date including all XML elements on each Claim row of the claims. It will also capture data based on the type of both original Submissions and Resubmissions.

Run the Report

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Open eClaims Submission report

    1. Date: Select the period the patient must have had the treatment performed

    2. Location: Select the location or <All> to base this report on, if applicable

    3. Provider: Select the Provider or <All> to include in the report

    4. Insurance: Select Insurance(s) to include in the report

    5. Insurance Plan: Select to include insurance plans in the report

    6. Show only active plans: Tick to include only active Plans

    7. Submission Type: Select the Submission/Resubmission type

    8. Click OK

Report Details



The Insurance company selected

Payer ID

Payer ID under the Insurance company

Claim ID

Claim ID associated with the Invoice


Patient details with card number

Service Date

The treatment date in the Claims


The provider in the patient's Treatment tab

Gross Amount

Fee entered for the item

Patient Share

Patient Co-payment in the Claim


Insurance rebate amount

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