eService New Features Release - D4W/PS Build 5029


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 5029 and higher of D4W/ PS. You may need to wait for eService to be upgraded for these features to take place. 

For instructions on how to upgrade D4W/PS, click here


New and Enhanced Features 


eAppointments - Removing a Reason in the eService Portal will update in D4W

When a reason is deleted in the eService portal and the reason is linked to a preset slot in D4W. The system will advise changing the reason in D4W or the reason will be replaced with none.


eForms - Modification to the message if mandatory fields are missing when Generating an Access Code

When generating the access code for eForms if the mandatory fields were not populated a message would appear. This message has been modified.


eForms - Created an Audit Trail for Deleted eForms

A security setting has been created for deleted eForms. By introducing this security setting a Deleted eForms report can be created.



The following issues related to the eServices have been resolved in the upgrade. For more information on eService New Features Release, click here

  • D4W crash when viewing eAppointment sync log from 'View eAppointments

  • eAppointments: Incorrect cancelling or updating appointment from other location

  • Patients not receiving email confirmation for eAppointments when multiple eAppointments sync at once

  • Shared book is not displayed for eAppointment sync

  • Hide GEN SET changes for Personal Booking Link

  • eServices merging to incorrect patient

  • eServices issue and requests error


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