VIP Mode


D4W has a mode called VIP where permitted users will be given access rights to VIP mode features.

This features allows the user to mark a whole patient record as VIP, hide VIP patient records entirely from view or set so that only users with VIP access rights can view the patient's record.

In appointment books the name of these patients can be set to not be visible.


Security for this feature must be enabled.

  1. Go to Location Setup > Security tab

  2. Click the mceclip0.png icon to access Security Status

  3. Place a tick in Access to VIP-data then click OK

  4. Assign users who are allowed access to the feature

Accessing VIP Mode

To make a VIP patient record, user must have security access permission as above.

  1. From the main D4W screen, press mceclip4.png

  2. Enter the authorised user's User name and Password

  3. The VIP Mode icon appears at the top left hand corner

Marking a Patient as VIP 

  1. Go to Patients Records > Patients tab

  2. Patient menu > Toggle VIP on/off

  3. The patient will be marked with a VIP icon                                                                                           

  4. From the main D4W screen, press mceclip4.png to exit VIP Mode

Searching for a VIP Patient 

  1. Go to Patients Records > Patients tab

  2. Find/View menu > Find Patient

  3. Any patient marked as VIP is not accessible (invisible) to any normal user, unless that user has logged into D4W and has VIP Mode access permissions

Appointment Book 

Only users who have logged into D4W and have VIP Mode access permissions can make appointments for VIP Patients.

  1. Go to Appointment Book

  2. Users with VIP mode access are able to create appointments for VIP patients as they will be the ones able to find those patients.

  3. In appointment book where ever VIP marked patients are listed or shown, their personal details are hidden from users that do not have VIP mode access

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