D4W/ PS New Features Release - Build 5125



The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 5125 and higher.

For instructions on how to upgrade, click here


New and Enhanced Features 

Patient Communication Log/Report 

The Communication Log report generates a list of all communications sent and received to and from a patient. 


New vertical scrollbar to select multiple location 

To ensure users can easily select a location when working in multi-location environments with many locations a scrollbar has been introduced to the login page. 


Appointment Notes Character Increased

The notes section in the appointment allows for up to 500 characters. 


Remove Inactive Provider/Staff from Security List

When making a Provider/ Staff inactive, their Dental4Windows security will automatically be denied access in Security. 


Import Fees from an External Source 

This feature allows individual fee levels to the exported and the same Fee Period to be imported into D4W - Instructions


Automation Loading Performance 

The batches sub-tab initial date is set to Week to date as the default to allow better performance when accessing the Automation tab. 


New x-Ray link: Meyer

A new x-Ray link is available to link to Dental4Windows. For more information on Dental4Windows links click here. 


D4W Mobile VPN client Installer Increased security

Additional firewall blocking rules have been added to D4W Mobile to increase the client's security.  


D4W Mobile access restriction via D4W security settings

A new Security mode/action has been added in Dental4Windows to restrict which D4W users can connect to D4W Mobile. 




Australia Only 

D4W Marketing - Campaign Response Rate Report

This report shows insight into the effects of Marketing campaigns on revenue generation - Instructions 



The United Arab Emirates Only 

Report Export Invoices and GST/VAT 

This report allows information to be exported to an external CSV file - Instructions 


eClaims: Prompt about Missing Prior Authorization Code 

The users will be warned with a prompt if treatment items in the Claim creation/ Resubmission box are missing the Pre-approval code, this will stop Claims from being rejected due to missing prior authorization code.

eClaims: New View to see Pending Claims 

This feature will speed up queuing and submitting all the claimable invoices, as users have the option to view all the Insurance invoices that are waiting to be claimed - Instructions


eClaims: Set Observation as Automatically Ticked

Improve the probability that Observations are sent in an eClaim by automatically ticking the Observation check box when a valid Tooth number exists during the Claim creation window.

eClaims: Rename Column labels 

Renaming columns to better suit the UAE region Insurance terminology.


eClaims: Adjust Tooth Number Message 

The interface will now allow custom Tooth Numbers to be sent in eClaims form when creating the claim. For eg. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4.


UAE NABIDH Webservices Integration

Dental4Windows is Nabidh compliant across all hospitals and dental clinics. 




The following issues have been resolved in the upgrade.

  • Mobile VPN client Installer increased security 

  • Delete Patient message needs fixing 

  • Email Address is Cut off in Sent To Email

  • "Fees" mode - Cosmetic issues in the "Preferred Provider scheme" form

  • Patient email field mandatory but it is possible to create a new patient without an email address

  • Message "HICAPS Claims were not completed" does not appear when starting D4W

  • Error in the "First seen date" field

  • Prescriptions displaying Patient's State twice instead of Postcode
  • Smart Health - Medicare button doesn't show from 'Create Itemised Invoice
  • UAE: eClaims Extra space at the beginning of the Member ID

  • UAE: Reson8 SMS integration 

  • UAE: NABIDH HL7 Integration (MDM Messages)
  • Jeeve Analytics - Additional column: Actual created date in the invoices and receipts report


For eService New and Enhancements Features within D4W click here. 

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