Create / Edit Location Letterhead & Logo


The Location Letterhead will appear on all Invoices, Receipts and Treatment Plans when Location Letterhead is selected in the Type of Letterhead for Invoice/Receipt Printout General Setting.

  1. Go to Location Setup Location tab

  2. Select the Location required (only available with multiple Location databases)

  3. Enter/update the required information

  4. Click Letterhead & Logo Setupmceclip1.png

  5. Enter the details as required

  6. To add a logo, click Find Logo

    1. The logo needs to be saved in each computer in the same folder, or a shared location (e.g. the server)
    2. The image can be .BMP, .GIF or .JPG formatsmceclip2.png
  7. Click Design A4 or Design A5 to design the letterheadmceclip2.png

  8. Select the field and click mceclip4.png to change the font face, size, style and justificationmceclip7.png

  9. The fields and logo can be dragged around and placed in a different area of the page

  10. Click Save when completed.

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