Create a Lapsed Recall Batch


A lapsed patient > a patient who has been previously been sent out a recall reminder but has NOT yet returned to the practice for their periodic examination/S+C.

A Lapsed Recall Batch> The list of patients who appeared in an earlier batch however have not yet scheduled an appointment.

NOTE: Please contact Centaur if you want to change your current recall system process. This will ensure the transition is seamless and no patients will be missed. 

  1. Go to Debtors and Marketing > Recalls tab

  2. Select a batch that was created in the past (eg 3 months prior)

  3. Enter the number of days since the batch was created (eg: 90 days for a batch created 3 months ago).
    The default period is setup via General Settings, see Patients considered lapsed, how many days in the past for instructions                                                                                                                           

  4. Click Lapsed Patients                                                                                                                           

  5. Patients who have NOT made an appointment or returned to the practice will be highlighted in blue

  6. Click OK

  7. Click Update Type then Create Batch                                                                                                 

  8. Click Yes to confirm updating the Recall Type                                                     

  9. The batch is now created and the next Recall Type of the patient is selected

  10. The SMS/e-mails can now be sent

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