Campaign Response Rate Report


This report will show both direct and indirect responses to a D4W Marketing Campaign; i.e. is Patients who had the advertised treatment performed after receiving campaign material as well as patients who have contacted the Practice after receiving the campaign material but have elected to have an alternative treatment.

Click here for more information on D4W Marketing. 

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Open Campaign Response Rate Report

    1. Show previous # campaigns: Add how many campaigns to report on

    2. Set: Select the campaign set

    3. Type: Select the campaign type

    4. Campaign length: Add the days to report on 

    5. Response rate Determined by

      1. Appointment Booked: Whether the patient booked an appointment during the length of a campaign.

      2. Appointment Attended: Whether the patient attended an appointment during the length of a campaign (user must have Set official ARRIVED appointment Status set).

      3. Treatment performed: Whether treatment was performed on the patient during the length of a campaign.


Report details 

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