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Complete the device activation process required for D4W to access DVA online claims

Pre requisites

Setup & Configuration in PRODA

D4W installations that will submit DVA transactions must be registered in PRODA and activated through D4W:

  1. In your PRODA organisation, select > B2B Devicemceclip0.png

  2. Click Register New B2B Devicemceclip1.png

  3. Enter a Device Name and Description

    1. Click Register Device
  4. Once the Device is registered. you’ll receive the following details:

    1. Device Activation Code
    2. Device Name
    3. PRODA RA
    4. These details are used to activate the D4W installation to allow DVA Online claiming

Setup & Configuration in D4W

  1. Make sure DVA Online is activated:

    1. Go to Location Setup > General tab

    2. Group: Medicare Settings > Activate DVA Online: Yesmceclip0.png

  2. Activate PRODA device in D4W

    1. Go To Insurance > DVA Claims tab
    2. Operations menu > Activate PRODA device
    3. Click Activate Device to start the activation process.
      For active devices, this window can be used to check the status of the device
    4. Enter the details displayed in PRODA (Step 5 above) for the Device click Activate Device
      1. Organisation ID = PRODA RA
      2. Device Name
      3. Device Activation Code
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