Financial Detailed Report for Balance of Debtors


The Financial Detailed (FD) Report for Debtors Balance allows the user to view a total of all outstanding invoices (debtors) in a selected location.

Invoices stay as outstanding until a receipt and/or discount is applied.


Prior Period Lock must be enabled, and the Prior Period date must be higher than 01/01/2000.

Run the Report

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Open FD Debtors Balance Report 

    1. As on: Select the date to base this report on. Any transactions after this date will not be included in the report.

    2. Location: Select the Location or <All Locations> from the droplist if applicable

    3. Show totals only: The grand total will be displayed

    4. With bad debts: If ticked, any invoices marked as bad debt are included in the report.

    5. Click OK                                 mceclip0.png

Report Details


 Invoice Date

 The date of the invoice

 A/c No

 The invoice ID


 The patient's name

 Responsible Party

 Responsible Party of the Invoice


 Total amount of the invoice


 Payments applied to the invoice


 Discounts applied to the invoice

 Closing Balance

 Closing balance of the invoice

 Rec #

 Record Number

 Bad Debts

 Indicates if the invoice is a bad debt

 Total for

 As an invoice is created and is outstanding, this balance increases.


 Total quantity of debtors in the selected location/s.

 The quantity of debtors follows the quantity of invoices. Therefore,

 if one patient has two outstanding invoices, they will be counted as

 two debtors.



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