Update Recall Date During Appointment Cancellation


Users with Automated Recall Reminders enabled have the option to update the patient's recall date when an appointment is cancelled so the patient can be included in the next recall batch and not lost in the system.

When an appointment is deleted or moved to the Cancellation List, the following window will appear if the patient's recall date isn't included in the next 6 recall batches. 

  1. Do not update recall: The patient recall date remains the same 

  2. Manually update recall: Users can manually update the patient recall type and date 

    1. Recalls Type: Users can select which recall type to include the patient in the next batch

    2. New Recall Date: Users can manually change the next recalls date or leave as the default days chosen in the setting 

    3. Click Do not Update Recall Date to keep the recall date as it is 

    4. Click Update Recall Date to move the recall type and recall date as selected in the Update Recall box                                                                                       

  3. Update recall date: The patient recall date will be updated 30 days from when the appointment was cancelled  

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