Create a User-Defined Query Template


User-Defined Queries allow for multiple templates and filters to be created specifically for a topic, e.g. Reactivations. This is in place of working off the one template for Simple or Extended Queries, which require the user to overwrite previous templates in Mail Merge. 

  1. Go to Debtors and Marketing > Queries tab

  2. Queries menu > Create User-Defined Query

    1. Name: Enter the name of the query, e.g. Holiday Greeting

    2. Select the filter to be used

      1. Change using Simple Wizard                                                             

        1. Enter the New Filter Criteria (see Common Simple Query Filters for examples)

        2. Click OK

      2. Change using Extended Wizard

        1. Enter the Filter Expression (see Common Extended Query Filters for examples)

        2. Click Verify

        3. Click OK

    2. Click Exit

  3. Next, setup the Letter/E-mail/SMS Template(s) for this query


Edit a User-Defined Query Filter

Generate a Batch using a User-Defined Query

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