Set Semi-Automated Query Templates


When sending Queries via the Semi-Automated method with D4W Marketing, templates must be set prior to ensure the correct content is sent to patients. 

The following options will only be available if DMMi Automatic is configured.

Patients will only receive communication based on their Send To preferences, if sending via e-mail and they do not have this selected, they will not receive it. It is advised to use multiple communication channels where possible. 

  1. Go to Debtors and Marketing > Mail Merge Setup tab

  2. Mail Merge Category: Queries

  3. Select the relevant reminder, e.g. Patient Reactivation

  4. Tick DMMi Batch                                           

    1. SMS Template: Click the Edit icon to build the SMS template mceclip1.png         

    2. Letters Template: Select the relevant post reminder to be used

    3. E-mail Template: Select the relevant e-mail reminder to be used                                       


Video: D4W Marketing Semi-Automated Recalls

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