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D4W Marketing allows users to communicate with patients via multiple channels, including SMS, e-mail, post and social media for a variety of reasons, such as recall reminders, marketing campaigns and appointment-based communication. 

As with all repetitive tasks, the most efficient method of sending communication to patients is via automation, however, D4W Marketing provides enough flexibility to suit each users needs. 

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There are two methods for sending Recall Reminders via D4W Marketing; Automated and Semi-Automated. Select the method that best suits your practice.

Option A: Automated Recalls
Sending Recall Reminders is a repetitive task each day/week/month and is often subject to human error. Automating Recall Reminders allows for the exact same settings to be used each day/week/month when generating the batch, and automatically sending SMS, E-mail and/or Post reminders to patients.

Option B: Semi-Automated
You will manually generate the Recall Batch in D4W, then send SMS, E-mail and Post. E-mail and Post will automatically be sent to the Patients via D4W Marketing from the Recalls tab.

If your Recalls are not linked to D4W Marketing templates, or you want to convert to Automated Recalls, click here to schedule the set up. 


Campaign Manager Service

Included in the D4W Marketing service, you have access to an experienced Campaign Manager who will work with you to build a marketing plan. Further to that, we will set up any automated tasks for you, and teach you how to use the queries (marketing) module in D4W and the D4W Marketing portal. 

More Information on the Campaign Manager Service

If you are already set up with D4W Marketing, schedule a session with the Campaign Manager here


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