D4W/PS New Features Release - Build 4778


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 4778 and higher.

For instructions on how to upgrade, click here


New and Enhanced Features 

New Templates for D4W Marketing 

  • Christmas - available on manual and automated Queries 

  • Birthday - available on automated Queries

  • COVID-19 We're back Recalls - available on manual Queries 

  • COVID-19 Overdue Recalls - available on manual Queries 

To book a D4W Marketing demo click here.


Automation: Preview SMS template 

When creating/editing SMS templates, you can preview the SMS content before enabling the Automation - Instructions  


Automation: Recalls Assign Patients

An enhancement has been made to the Recalls Automation to allow users to assign patients to any Set or Type after making a Type inactive. 

To book a time to convert your Recall system to automation, click here.   


Automation Recalls: Exclude Patients Not Seen

The Exclude patient not seen in # months setting allows exclusion on the number of days in a calendar year regardless of the month has 28,29,30 or 31 days - Instructions


Automation Recalls:  Managing processed batches for Multi-Location

Processed batches for Multi-Location databases can be viewed and managed per location - Instructions


Automation: Labels to Update Recall History Report

Communications sent via postcards can now be marked as printed and the Recalls History Report will be updated accordantly - Instructions   


Queries Automation is Available for New Zealand Users

The Queries Automation is now available for New Zealand Users - Instructions 


Add Patient Communication Items in Patient’s Treatment for Recalls

Automatically add Recall item to patient treatment when a recall is sent - Instructions 


SMS Messaging Report 

The SMS Messaging Report includes SMSs communication with the patient not only through D4W but also confirmation and cancellation message from the eService portal - Instructions


Allow to Unsubscribe when space is used

The SMS Unsubscribe feature allows a patient to add a space after the word STOP when unsubscribing from an SMS.

For instructions on how to setup the Unsubscribe feature, click here.



The following issues have been resolved in the upgrade.

  • Letter tab - Issues with External MS Word.

  • Provider set in Financial Details tab of an item is ignored when the item is added via an operation in Charting.  

  • Expression is not valid error for Medicare/CDBS claims.

  • Unexpected event error in Automation.

  • Printed field not populating correctly in Queries when an email is sent to Family Head on behalf of Family Member.

  • Appointment automation batches not running.

  • School listing corrected in the New Zealand database.  

  • SMS Replies not receiving/ User authentication failed error.

  • Clinical Notes Log audit report - buttons not working in Treatment Plan and Treatment tabs.


  • Improve /Optimise Performance of D4W logical Network locking subsystem.  

  • Add migration procedure from ASA 16 to ASA 17 into UPM 6.0.

  • After Convert to SA17.sql - ASA16 to ASA17 Sybase.

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