Inventory & Stock Control: Add Inventory Items


Before using Inventory & Stock Control, Inventory Items need to be created.

  1. Go to Location Setup > Inventory tab

  2. Select the Type to add an Inventory Item to by clicking on the (+) in front of the name

  3. Click Add Inventory Item

  4. Enter all information about this inventory item on the right hand side of the screen

    1. Item Name: The size, colour, style, style name (e.g. Kids Toothpaste)

    2. Inventory Code: A short code for this item (e.g. KT for Kids Toothpaste)

    3. Use by Default: Inventory items can at a later stage be linked to Treatment Items, this check box denotes this Inventory Item as the default item when used for treatment

    4. Supplier: Inventory items can be linked to a specific Supplier

    5. Reorder Code: This is the code provided by the Supplier to reorder this item

    6. Reorder Point: The system will alert to reorder when the items sock level reaches this number

    7. Unit Cost: The cost per unit may be entered

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