Commission Details on Invoices Raised


This report shows commission details of Providers when their income is based on a commission calculated from invoices generated under their names.

Run the Report

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Open Commission details on Invoices raised report

    1. Location: Select the location or All Locations to base the report on

    2. Date: Select the date range to base the report on

    3. Provider: Select the Provider or <All> to include in the report

    4. Show inactive providers as well: Tick to include inactive provider(s)

    5. Include Discounts: Tick to include discount details in the report

    6. Discounts of all periods: When Include Discounts is ticked, tick this box to include discounts of all periods

    7.  Select from the drop list for information to include in the report:

      1. Item's details: Show items details included in the invoices

      2. Invoice's details: Show invoice totals only

      3. Provider summary: Show total for each selected Provider only. When this option is selected, check boxes below will be unavailable

    8. Provider Page Break: When multiple providers are included in the report, tick to show one provider per page

    9. Group by providers: When All Locations is selected, tick to group report by provider, instead of by location

    10. Click OK

Report Details

Show Item's details

Show Invoice's details

Show Provider summary



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