Temporarily Stop Automation Queries from Sending


To stop Automation Queries (e.g. Patient Reactivation) from sending SMS and E-mail messages, the priority of the sending method of the reminders need to be changed. This is done as the Query Automation batches still need to run so patients are not overlooked.

The patients are able to be contacted at a later date if required.

  1. Go to Location Management > Automation tab > Queries sub-tab

  2. Select the required Query

  3. Go to Reminders sub-tab

    1. Change the Template Order for all reminders (except Phone Call) to -

    2. Change the Template Order for Phone Call to 1

    1. Repeat the process for each Query

When the SMS and E-mail messages are ready to be sent again, the priority can be changed back to the original settings.

Generate a Batch using Simple Query Wizard

Generate a Batch using Extended Query Filter


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